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Our Departments

Burn Center

A hospital specializing in the treatment of burns. Burn centers are often used for the...


Provides medical care to patients who have problems with their heart or circulation.


A medical specialty dealing with disorders of the nervous system. Specifically, it deals with the...


Chaplains promote the spiritual and pastoral wellbeing of patients, relatives and staff.

Coronary Care Unit

(Cardiac intensive care unit (CICU) - A hospital ward specialized in the care of patients...

Critical Care

Also called intensive care, this department is for seriously ill patients.

Diagnostic Imaging

Also known as X-Ray Department and/or Radiology Department.

Discharge Lounge

Patients who don't need to stay in a ward are transferred to the lounge on...


This department investigates and treats digestive and upper and lower gastrointestinal diseases.


Investigates and treats problems relating to the female urinary tract and reproductive organs, such as...


Doctors in this department give anesthetic for operations and procedures. An anesthetic is a drug...


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